3 compelling reasons your team needs a bespoke uniform

Members of the ENSW Interschool team

The reasons a team needs a bespoke uniform are many.

Team members wear it to be recognised as a representative of a community, to feel a part of a community, and to respect the history of the community that the uniform represents and to show the opposition that they are organised and are ready for competition. Below we summarise our three most compelling reasons for a team uniform and below that we cover the extra benefits a truly bespoke uniform can bring to your team and sponsors.

1. Identity

The most fundamental and arguably the primary reason for a sports team to develop and wear a uniform is to visually distinguish themselves from competing teams and to identify one another. As a bonus, team members derive a sense of pride when they pull on their team polo shirt and it leaves an impression on others. It feels good to belong.

2. Unity

When members of a team are all wearing the same gear in the same colours they truly feel part of the same group. A uniform fosters team unity and solidarity which in turn keeps team members motivated to succeed. By wearing the team polo shirt members show their dedication to each other. To win as a team you must act like a team.

3. Equality

Every member of the team, from the star to the newest most inexperienced member plays an important part in the team. Wearing identical uniforms creates a sense of equality which is important when you are trying to win as a group. No individual is more important than the other. That is what teamwork is about.

A bespoke uniform is one based on your exact requirements and will truly meet the 3 targets discussed above.

There is no compromise on design or branding opportunities when you opt for a completely bespoke uniform either and this can help teams garner sponsorship. A partnership with a corporate sponsor can help to offset the cost of team uniforms, travel, equipment and more.

Designing the team and sponsor logos into the uniform as part of the initial design process allows so much more creativity and guarantees a more professional outcome. In these pictures, you can see a couple of examples of the sort of branding you can do in the manufacturing process of a bespoke polo shirt that simply isn’t possible to achieve with something that is purchased off the shelf.

In the first example, you can see that we have printed AJC 2018 in the placket of the polo shirt and the customer (in this case an Equestrian Centre) has their own back neck tag. (Available for purchases over 100 pieces).

In the second image you can see members of the ENSW Interschool team wearing their fully custom designed polo shirts featuring woven badges, applique and NSW printed on the back of the collar. Don’t settle for second best in competition and don’t settle for second best when it comes to your uniform.

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