What makes a good team uniform?

Brett Parbery at Willinga Park

A good team uniform is a result of a combination of factors. First and foremost the uniform has to look good. It must continue to look good and it must be fit for purpose.

A well-designed polo shirt will fit well. This will be a function of the design of the garment, the quality of the workmanship in the construction of the polo shirt and the quality of the fabric used to manufacture it. Read on and we will expand on this.

A good fit

A good team uniform will make all members of a team look professional. A good team uniform might, where necessary provide different garments and fits to suit a variety of body styles whilst maintaining a consistent look. Most of all a good team uniform will be comfortable to wear and not hinder movement. Animi Equine, after many years of catering to teams at all levels, have developed a deep understanding of the way different fits can bring out the best in all body shapes in all teams.

Quality is a given

Quality in a good team uniform will come in many forms, from the design of the garment and logos to the material selection and construction, to the cut and fit of the garments and the type of decoration. At Animi Equine we very often receive compliments on the longevity of the garments we make. It is not unusual for us to see a polo shirt we produced 8 or 10 years ago at events. That gives us great pride.

A design that reflects your team

The design of a garment is the beginning point of a good team uniform. An industrial designer named Dieter Rams named 10 principles for good design. Good design is innovative – Good design makes a product useful – Good design is aesthetic – Good design makes a product understandable – Good design is unobtrusive – Good design is honest – Good design is long-lasting – Good design is thorough down to the last detail – Good design is environmentally friendly – Good design is as little design as possible.

A good team uniform designer will bear these principles in mind, the rest will take care of itself. A good designer will intuitively understand the needs of their customers and design a uniform to suit. At Animi Equine we have over 20 years of experience designing uniforms. We have learned over the years that the 10 principles espoused by Dieter Rams many years ago still ring true today.

The materials used

A good team uniform will use a material that is high quality, long-lasting and fit for purpose. The material must breathe and allow for freedom of movement. It must be functional. Animi Equine select their materials based on these rules. We select fabrics based on their ability to meet our customer’s demands and then we put them through further processes – for example: pre-treating our cotton for shrinkage to ensure they meet our customer’s requirements.

See in this picture of Brett Parbery at Willinga Park. A prime example of a beautifully understated polo shirt that fits and is made to last. It has to be said that the good people at Willinga Park actually came to us with this design. The owners of Willinga Park are not short on good design ideas and we are proud to manufacture their polo shirts for them.

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